Company Overview

Aline Components: Your Plastic Injection Molding and Manufacturing Company

Aline Components produces custom plastic injection molding. Aline’s high quality plastic manufacturing serves its customers through:

Adaptability. Aline Components has full service, in house capability. Whether you need part designcustomized toolingrapid prototyping, or speedy manufacturing and delivery, Aline Components is structured to meet a variety of needs quickly and efficiently.

Low cost. We employ an experienced staff and work directly with resin suppliers to keep materials in house. An experienced staff and quality in-house materials keep the facility running efficiently which reduces production time and customer cost.

International supplier. From our 18,000 square foot production facility in Southeastern Pennsylvania, Aline Components is an international supplier, providing the world with quality custom injection molding.

Notable quality. Aline Components is ISO 9001 compliant. Our compliance is a promise of quality to our customers. Our history is our proof…

Established in 1965. We offer our customers a 40-year history of excellence and service. The Aline Components history speaks to our experience in custom plastic injection molding.

Aline Components is proud to house an A-team who is highly experienced in custom plastic injection molding. Top of the line facilities and a top of the game staff. When combined, Aline Components meets and exceeds plastic manufacturing needs.

Aline Components employs designers with over 25 years of experience. The experience of our designers has bred competence, dedication, and technical proficiency.

Aline Components: Your Plastic Injection Molding and Manufacturing Company
Quick Turn Process – Fast Design, Rapid Prototyping, Speedy Delivery – Overall Quality
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Aline designers will quickly create a plastic part design. If desired, customers can also receive rapid prototype tooling. The tooling department constructs a mold to exact customer specifications. Rapid prototyping is a form of quality assurance for the customer. The prototype lets the customer make sure that Aline Components manufactures exactly to the correct specifications. As soon as the prototype has been approved, the production mold is placed in a plastic injection molding machine. The order is produced, packed, and shipped on time.

Aline Capability: Precision. Efficiency. Affordability.

Aline Components’s full in-house service includes 24 plastic injection molding machines. Our equipment features 28 to 300 tons of clamping pressure. Aline Components works directly with resin suppliers to ensure that final products are made only of high quality material. In-house, we stock a wide variety of thermoplastic materials from ABS to thermoplastic elastomers. The full in-house services keep your job moving quickly while increasing the final quality and decreasing the final cost.

Quality and Compliance

Aline Components is ISO 9001 compliant, which is part of the Aline promise of quality in all that we do. Aline products, however, speak for themselves. Aline Components built a successful plastic injection molding company over 50 years ago to guarantee quality, speed, value, and service for all of our customers.

 Aline Components works hard to create an error-free process to make better products.

Aline Components advances the technology of its facilities to ensure increasing efficiency. Tooling can include a hot runner system incorporated within the injection mold. The hot runner system facilitates the transition of the plastic resin melt from the injection molding machine to the injection mold. The injection mold requires specific installation, connection, and operation methods for appropriate functioning. The hot runner system eliminates the generation of scrap while reducing the occurrence of error.