Thermoplastic Injection In-Mold Decoration (IMD)

Plastic manufacturing processes continue to advance, and custom plastic injection molding companies like Aline Components continue to develop innovative ways for their clients to add more features to their plastic parts. IMD, known as injection mold design, or alternatively as in mold decoration, is a value-added process that incorporates decorative graphics and line art directly into a mold for textural effects and images that are integrated into the surface of the component. 2D graphics are prepared first and screen printed onto a film. The film is placed into the tool prior to injection. Locating pins ensure perfect registration of the graphics onto each component. When to injection cycle is completed, another film is placed into the tool for the next cycle.

The decoration can be embossed into the surface or stand off from the surface as desired. The benefits of value-added IMD processing are significant. Any graphics applied using injection mold design are permanent and cannot be worn off. A wide variety of graphics can be applied for both decorative and practical purposes. In-mold decoration is a widely used and popular option for plastic parts, and can also be used to enhance surface textures for ergonomic purposes. In areas where hands need to touch and grip plastic components, an injection mold design can introduce a textured surface to improve the function of plastic components.


Aline Components works with designers and manufacturers in New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, and beyond to create the finest plastic parts currently available, with all of the latest features and capabilities. In-mold decoration is one among many of the value-added options available, and Aline Components is prepared to address any specialized requirement. Whether the project requires insert molding, overmolding, stack molding for high volume production, hot runner tooling for short runs and quick delivery, bioplastics for thin wall injection molding, or specialty applications such as microplastic injection molding, Aline is ready to meet the challenge. Contact Aline Components today and see how much we can do for your company and your set of custom plastic parts.

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At Aline Components, we work with you to determine if insert molding is right for your plastic part or component, and if so, what material is best suited for the application. We take pride in helping our customers obtain the solutions they need for their product or system to perform to the highest level.