All Part Sizes

Plastic injection molding has become widely popular throughout the manufacturing industry, so it’s no surprise that there is a lot of competition. One of the most significant leading factors in your choice for plastic manufacturing is the range of available part sizes a company can make. Part size is limited to the size the equipment can handle; the larger the plastic injection molding machine, the larger the parts it can produce. Mold size is another part of this limiting factor, because few companies invest in the large tooling capabilities required for the manufacture of large plastic parts.

Many companies make plastic parts, but few offer the range of sizes available at Aline Components. We handle custom plastic injection molding of all part sizes, and are capable of producing part sizes from very small to 1.5 lbs. Our suite of 24 plastic injection molding machines combined with our large-scale tooling capability allows Aline Components to create very small and very large components for any industrial application.

Benefits of Custom Plastic Injection Molding

Once injection molding technology was introduced onto the market, its popularity as a versatile production method developed rapidly. With the advent of new materials and methods, plastic manufacturing has found its way into almost all aspects of modern industry. Custom plastic injection molding can be used for so many purposes, it’s limited only by your imagination. If you can dream it up, Aline can make it for you.

The range of mechanical properties plastic parts can attain is impressive; parts can be simple or complex, solid or foamed, reinforced or filled, thick or thin, flexible or rigid. Equally impressive is the range of decorative or surface effects you can achieve with custom plastic injection molding. Plastic parts can be hot stamped, textured, plated, polished, colored, or transparent.

Modern plastics have also developed in tandem with the technology. Phenolic thermoset plastic and the newer PEEK thermoplastics have increased strength and resistance to heat and electrical interference, creating even more opportunities for more applications in more industries.

 Aline Components

Aline Components is proud to be part of the forefront of plastic manufacturing and plastic mold making. We have the capacity to take on any and all part sizes you need for your business. Take a look at our website and you’ll see why we are one the leaders in this highly competitive market.