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Custom Plastic Injection Molding at Aline Components, Inc.

Revolutionary custom plastic injection molding concepts from Aline Components, Inc. sets us apart from other thermoplastic injection molding and manufacturing companies, either foreign or domestic. See us first when your custom injection molding demands are stretching the limits of plastics technology and repeatability. We specialize in complex custom molding jobs where the design, choice of plastic, and mold-making are critical to production.

Even the best standard may not be your standard. At Aline Components, we recognize that standard parts or components may not always work for your application. Therefore, we offer extreme flexibility in mold configuration to meet your custom plastic product criteria. Contact Aline Components, Inc. to discover how we can meet and exceed your custom precision plastic injection molding needs.

Let Aline Design your Custom Plastic Injection Mold

Bring us your ideas and we’ll turn them into reality. Our custom injection molding engineers help you design the injection-molded plastic parts you need for high-performance products. Through the use of computer-aided design (CAD) technology, we work with customers to create an exceptional plastic injection mold design. We apply new vision and industry experience to every mold design regardless of the level of complexity.

Choose From a Variety of Thermoplastic Materials

Aline offers only the finest thermoplastic materials in accordance with industry leading standards for quality assurance. At Aline Components, we take the mechanical, thermal, electrical or optical, physical, and processing properties of each material into consideration to determine which one will best suit your application. Aline invests in the highest quality thermoplastics from the most reputable resin suppliers.

Bring Custom Plastic Injection Molds to Reality

Aline’s machinists tool flawless molds capable of producing millions of consistent high quality parts for your specific application. At Aline, we feature many mold options including hot runner molds, cold runner molds, insert molds, two-shot molds, stack molds, unscrewing molds, and short run molds. Depending on the design and the thermoplastic material(s), we recommend which type of mold is most suitable.

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For all your custom plastic injection molding needs, trust the experience and expertise of Aline Components, Inc.

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