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Hot Runner Molds Available

Hot Runner Molds

Aline Components provides comprehensive plastic injection molding services in the Mid-Atlantic Region, and is skilled in all types of custom tooling. We produce precise tooling for any size production run, large or small, and our value added services can offer even greater speed for rapid prototyping and final production. Tooling, or mold making, is the foundation for all plastic manufacturing, and Aline has over 50 years of experience in producing high-performance molds for any industrial requirement. Our ISO-compliant facility, located in Kulpsville, Pennsylvania, serves customers in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, and beyond, for national and international markets.

Cold runner molds are the most common types of tooling used for plastic manufacturing and serve very well for many products and industries in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Hot runner molds, while initially more costly to produce, can quickly produce a significant return on the investment with several key advantages offered in the plastic injection molding process.

Hot runner systems can make larger parts with faster cycle times. Excess material from runners is eliminated, so automated processes do not have to remove runners in post production. There are two different methods for heating the mold prior to plastic injection molding; external and internal. Externally heated systems allow more temperature-sensitive plastics like PLA to be manufactured, and internally heated systems take full advantage of the hot runner systems with better flow control to produce plastic parts with high-performance specifications.

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Whether you need rapid prototyping, 3D documentation, or top-notch custom tooling in New York, New Jersey, Delaware, or Pennsylvania, Aline Components is ready to make it happen. Hot runner systems have opened up the market by offering plastic parts of a size previously unattainable. Now you can design components using the performance of high-grade plastics for a whole new range of applications. With advanced technology plastic injection molding, there’s almost no limit to what you can do. Find out more about how Aline Components provides exceptional plastic injection molding to clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region and give us a call: (215) 368-0300