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Optimize your plastic part or component design and maximize product performance with insert molding from Aline Components, a plastic injection molding and manufacturing company. Insert molding is one of our value-added processes that fulfills both your functional and decorative needs by injecting plastic into a cavity surrounding an insert piece. Although insert molding is not new to the industry, many manufacturers overlook this process as an innovative solution for product or system problems.

Inserts can be either integrated during our plastic injection molding process or inserted in post molding operations. Similar to injection molding, insert molding can be accomplished with a wide range of engineering plastics, including but not limited to, polyethylene, polystyrenepolypropylenethermoplastic elastomers. Tensile strength and a host of other properties required for the finished molded product are the main factors that determine if insert molding is suitable and compatible.

Insert Molding from Aline Components


Types of Inserts and Insert Molding Applications

Originally developed to place threaded inserts in molded parts and to protect the wire-plug connection on electrical cords, insert molding is now used quite extensively in most industry segments. Today's typical applications include medical devices, automotive interiors, and more. Metallic inserts, cloth, and film are just a few examples of materials used as inserts in various applications.

Metallic cores can be inserted in the mold either to fuse the core into the part or to imprint its profile into the part. These cores can be used to create threads in the molded part, to increase the strength of the molded part, or to create a metallic threaded hole or through hole. Cloth and vinyl can also be inserted into the mold creating a permanent bond as the plastic penetrates the fibers and pores of the material.

When film laminates are inserted into a molded part, they can replace paper or plastic labels. The film's coatings, print, color, and a micro-porous backing sheet fuses to the part and will not fade or peel off.

 Aline Components

At Aline Components, we work with you to determine if insert molding is right for your plastic part or component, and if so, what material is best suited for the application. We take pride in helping our customers obtain the solutions they need for their product or system to perform to the highest level.