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Thermoplastic Injection Mold Options from Aline Components, Inc.

As a leading thermoplastic injection molding and manufacturing company, Aline Components, Inc., is constantly investigating and evaluating innovative processes for shaping thermoplastic materials. We are actively developing custom plastic parts and components as well as expertise in a variety of molding capabilities. We stay up-to-date on all advances within the industry to deliver the highest quality parts on or before deadline.
Design Considerations for Thermoplastic Injection Molding:
  • Part or component complexity
  • Type of thermoplastic material
  • Color requirements
  • Single or multiple design production

In injection molding, the mold is a special tool that is custom-designed and fabricated based on the specifications for a given product. At Aline, several types of molds are available, which helps us serve customers based internationally, nationally, and regionally in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, and Maryland. Our engineers and mold makers offer recommendations when there isn’t a clear choice for your product or system. Before we determine which mold is best suited for your application, we address a few design considerations to establish parameters.

Thermoplastic Injection Mold Options from Aline Components, Inc.


Aline's Mold Options:

Hot Runner Molds are a type of two-plate mold that contains an internal or external hot runner system in one of the plates. Considered new technology, hot runner molds eliminate material waste and regrind.

Cold Runner Molds are available in two-plate or three-plate molds with a runner system located along the parting plane. Simple and less expensive, cold runner molds result in less mold maintenance and easy color changes.

Insert Molds improve the dimensional stability of plastic parts or components without the need for additional processes by molding around a core material.

Two-shot Molds are a cost-effective approach to producing multiple colors or material combinations in a single process.

Stack Molds are considered two single-face molds that are mounted back to back. Stack molds boost productivity and are ideal for specialty soft-touch products.

Unscrewing Molds can create either internal or external threads in plastic parts or components during the plastic injection molding process, which eliminates additional finishing operations.

Short Run Molds use lesser grade tooling materials to produce molds at lightening speeds. Economical and efficient, short run molds are most suitable for manufacturers that want to get their products to market first.

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