PEEK Plastic Material at Aline Components

Plastic injection molding technology continues to evolve, and Aline components is an all American company that keeps pace with all of the latest developments. From the ongoing upgrades to the digital documentation process to the introduction of automated equipment and precision tooling, Aline maintains its role as a leader in ISO-compliant plastic manufacturing of the highest quality. Another major development in the technology is the continued development and release of new materials. PEEK plastic, or PEEK polymer, is a new, high-performance, high-temperature plastic with outstanding new properties that make it the material of choice for a wide range of uses. Here are some of the details.

PEEK Polymer

PEEK plastic is an exciting new thermoplastic material developed to improve the performance in several key areas. First is the environmental concern. As the use of plastic in industry became widespread, there were concerns about its long-term environmental impact. Issues like toxicity and recyclability became important new criteria for new plastics.

Production flaws like overrun, material creep, and excess waste during production needed to be improved and improved properties like glass transition temperature, corrosion resistance, and high temperature performance are all part of PEEK’s profile. PEEK polymer has excellent strength-to-weight characteristics, and is designed to maintain its integrity in higher temperatures than was previously possible with other thermoplastics.


Because of its superior properties, PEEK plastic has found its way into industries where only metals were traditionally used. Now parts like bearings, pistons, pumps, and gears that require durability and resistance to corrosion and electrical interference make PEEK plastic an attractive and more environmentally friendly alternative.

 PEEK Plastic and Aline Components

If you are looking for PEEK plastic injection molded plastic parts, review our range of services and see just how much is possible with the latest plastic manufacturing equipment. Aline Components has maintained the most sophisticated injection molding technology and materials for over 40 years, and we are proud to offer precise, reliable service at a cost you can afford. Call us at (215) 368-0300 to learn more.