Phenolic Plastic Material at Aline Components

Ever since thermoset plastics were first introduced, they have become one of the workhorses for modern industry. First known as ‘the material of a thousand uses,' the list has expanded since its inception to almost every industry. Phenolic plastic is thermoset with advanced properties of strength, durability, resistance to corrosion. Phenolic plastic properties compare well to others for dielectric strength and resistance, and the initial drawbacks of original thermosets like brittleness and heat sensitivity have been greatly mitigated. New types of formats for phenolic plastic like phenolic sheets allow for even more uses where these high-performance materials can replace standard materials in high-stress conditions. Aline Components is skilled with thermoset and thermoplastic injection molding, and our team of experienced professionals is ready to use any material to get the optimum result.

Benefits of Phenolic Plastic

Phenolic plastic developed from the need to take the adaptability and performance of original thermoset plastics and remove imperfections in the raw material. The goal in creating this new material was to bump up all of the specs for improved performance, from the environmental concerns to the performance of the plastic during production, and, finally, to its performance in the field.

Now phenolic plastic is more renewable than its predecessors, and requires less energy in production with little to no waste. Qualities like creep rates, warping, and many other production pitfalls have been reduced or removed entirely through the automated plastic injection molding process.

This results in final products that resist environmental conditions better, wear longer, and feature more advanced plastic manufacturing capabilities, giving you more options in design and application than previously available methods. Efficiencies in cost and delivery time make plastic injection molding an even more attractive option.

 Phenolic Plastic and Aline Components

When you need top notch ISO-compliant plastic injection molding, Aline will work with you every step of the way, from detailed 3D CAM models to the finished final product. If you’re looking to use thermosets and take advantage of phenolic plastic properties, or you require another material for reliable cost effective plastic parts, Aline has the tools to give you an edge in the market. Call us today: (215) 368-0300.