Polycarbonate Thermoplastic Materials at Aline Components Custom Plastic Injection Molding and Manufacturing

Aline Components is a leading plastic injection molding and manufacturing company, which provides customers from a wide range of markets with high quality custom parts or components made from the finest polycarbonate (PC) resins. With a combination of unsurpassed performance features, polycarbonate is a prime engineering resin and often replaces other, more conventional, thermoplastics in a variety of applications.

Aline Components invests in Lexan®, which is a polycarbonate plastic manufactured from Bisphenol A by General Electric. Lexan® is processed on our modern plastic injection molding and manufacturing equipment for precise end results. Customers regionally in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland, as well as those based nationally and internationally are producing more efficient sub-systems and gaining better business benefit with Aline’s polycarbonate plastic products.

What is Polycarbonate Thermoplastic Material?

Polycarbonates are a type of thermoplastics that feature polymers linked together by carbonate groups, which form a long molecular chain. Bisphenol A is one of the most common types of polycarbonates and is one of the most durable thermoplastics on market. Polycarbonate plastic is similar to polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), otherwise known as acrylic, the difference between the two being price. Polycarbonates tend to be more expensive due to their inherent strength and exceptional physical properties.

Polycarbonate Plastic Properties

Lexan® polycarbonate is an amorphous engineering thermoplastic with high mechanical, optical, electrical, and thermal properties. Additives such as UV stabilizers and mold release agents can alter the physical properties of polycarbonate plastic to function to the highest possible level under strenuous environmental conditions and complex plastic injection molding and manufacturing operations.

Advantages of Polycarbonate Plastic Include:
  • Impact resistant
  • Dielectric strength
  • Excellent formability
  • Superior Optical clarity
  • Outstanding dimensional stability
  • UV stabilization
Benefits of Polycarbonate Thermoplastic

Virtually unbreakable, polycarbonate plastic is ideal in applications where plastic parts or components may be exposed to high impact as it tends to cold form rather than shatter. High dielectric strength and high volume resistivity make polycarbonate suitable in numerous electrical applications. Additionally, polycarbonate plastics accept painting, printing, vacuum metalizing or other finishing methods with ease.

Polycarbonate is highly transparent to visible light and exhibits better transmission characteristics when compared to glass. Lexan® polycarbonate and other PC-based resins offer outstanding impact resistance, dimensional stability, and optical clarity. Aline Components works directly with preferred resin suppliers to obtain various grades, which include those that are FDA-compliant, flame retardant, high flow, UV resistant, and glass reinforced.

Aline Components can manufacture plastic parts or components from either heat formed or cold formed polycarbonate sheets. We work directly with reputable resin suppliers across the United States and abroad to custom mold and manufacture parts or components that match customer specifications and application requirements. Many of today’s exceptional product designs are made possible by Lexan®and other polycarbonate plastics. Discover how plastic polycarbonate products can increase your profit potential.