Polyether Sulfone (PES) at Aline Components

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Benefits of Polyether Sulfone (PES)

Polyether sulfone, or PES plastic, is one of the premier thermoplastics currently available. PES plastic has been developed for superior performance with respect to temperature and acid resistance, durability, and dimensional stability. Long-term savings can often be achieved with an upgrade of heavy-duty, reliable PES plastic parts for crucial components in your industrial process or key connections in electrical systems. PES plastic can also be customized to meet your particular specifications.

In addition to the outstanding characteristics of PES plastic, enhancements can adjust the properties to suit particular tasks and make it do even more. For example, glass fibers can be added for greater rigidity and hardness, and the composite has greater tensile strength. PES plastic is also used to make high-temperature plastics to take advantage of its fire-retardant properties. Because of its very low porosity, PES plastic is also used widely for membranes and filters in many different industries. High-temperature plastics are also approved for use in steam sterilization equipment and medical autoclaves.


 Polyether Sulfone (PES) and Aline Components

New uses for PES plastic are being discovered all the time, as designers and manufacturers work to improve the performance of equipment and electrical systems, and explore the potential of polyether sulfone and other high-end, high-temperature plastics. With a comprehensive set of plastic injection molding services under one roof, Aline Components makes it easier than ever to mold your ideas into precise and functional form. Call us at (215) 368-0300 to find out more.