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Short Run Molds from Aline Components Thermoplastic Injection Molding Services

Aline Components, Inc., a preferred thermoplastic injection molding company, answers customers’ growing needs for short lead times and low costs with innovative short run molding technology. In the manufacturing industry, it is critical that you bring your product to market before the competition. Not only will Aline’s short run thermoplastic injection molding services help you outdo your competitors, but it will also help you respond to increased customer demand by providing you with custom plastic parts or components at various stages in production.

Short run molding is thermoplastic injection molding that utilizes alternative materials such as aluminum and epoxy for the tooling and the mold. Tools or molds produced from these materials do not have the life expectancy of hardened steel tool, however, they are significantly less expensive and take much less time to produce as the materials can be machined much faster.

Advantages of Aline's Short Run Molds:
  • Remarkable efficiency
  • Economical alternative
  • Decreased cost per part
  • Increased output productivity

In plastic injection molding companies, a short run is measured not by the quantity of parts produced in a run, but by the time it takes to each one. Generally, a short run is considered anything up to 24 hours, which means batches as small as 50 parts or as large as 100,000 parts must be manufactured in a 24-hour period. Due to increased product customization and just-in-time delivery, our thermoplastic injection molding company and the short-run industry at large are experiencing greater demand.

Applications of Aline’s Short Run Molds

If you don’t have the space to warehouse parts, short run molds from Aline may be a cost-effective alternative. At Aline Components, we design short run molds for customers that need high quality custom plastic parts or components fast. As customers keep inventories low and enhance their products with supplementary features, what once were considered medium runs are now broken up into shorter runs.

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