Small Order Friendly

Aline components is a small-order -friendly plastic manufacturing facility set up to meet the challenges of modern design and manufacturing. We combine state-of-the-art expertise and equipment to meet your specific needs.  Whether you need large parts or small, in large batches or small, Aline delivers.

As one of the most pervasive, powerful, and versatile manufacturing methods, plastic injection molding has kept pace with the latest developments in CAD/CAM technology, precision tooling, and the evolving market demand for efficiencies in cost, volume, and delivery times.

Not only can Aline Components manufacture nearly any size part to any tolerance, our small-order-friendly service can adapt to any volume requirement, and our short-run mold-making capability also allows for speedy delivery times. Small-batch manufacturing allows you to produce parts in any phase of your production, allows you to adapt to market forces, and gives you much needed flexibility in competitive and volatile markets.

A small-batch manufacturer must be prepared to offer the same high-quality plastic injection molding capabilities as those requiring large runs of parts. At Aline Components, our quality assurance extends to every job, and our dedication to quality service ensures satisfied customers and repeat business.

We pride ourselves on building long-lasting relationships with our clients, and meeting the customer needs for precision, cost, and timely delivery. If you anticipate long-term, multi-run production of plastic parts, we can machine robust molds that can be filed, maintained, and reused at a moment’s notice.

If, however, you require immediate design, tooling, and production to meet challenging deadlines, Aline’s experience can adapt with short-run molds and small-batch manufacturing. When you add this to our range of part sizes, high-quality, all American-sourced raw materials, and the variety of manufacturing capabilities and the choice of surface treatments, you have the full power of ISO-compliant plastic injection molding at your command.

 Aline Components

If you need small-batch manufacturing of plastic parts or any other type of plastic manufacturing, give us a call at (215) 368-0300 and discuss the details with us. We will be happy to handle any size production run and give you the same exceptional level of service regardless of volume.