Thermoplastic Stack Molds

The many innovations in the technology of custom plastic injection molding have expanded the possibilities for a wide range industries and products, and one of the most significant advances involves the use of multiple dies, or molds, for larger volumes of plastic parts. Known as stack molding, a series of molding faces can be stacked together to increase the efficiency of an injection cycle. Stack molds double the output by distributing the melt into separate mold parting surfaces. Because the price of plastic parts is rated by machine hours, stack molds are used to increase production with fewer machine hours, serving to lower the cost per plastic part. Stack molding also offers the ability to use one machine for one production cycle with unchanged parameters, removing the need for multi machine synchronization and simplifying large scale production.


The advantages of stack molding are often overlooked because manufacturers are unaware of the technology. Aline Components is a highly experienced plastic injection molding company with the equipment and expertise to manufacture almost any type of plastic part. Depending on the configuration of the product and the type of plastic required, Aline can set up a custom plastic injection molding process that incorporates stack molding for maximum output, while maintaining the highest standards for quality and dimensional accuracy.

Aline is conveniently located just outside Philadelphia, serving the Tri-State Area and beyond, with many satisfied long-term clients in New Jersey, Delaware, New York, and Pennsylvania. As one of the leading plastic injection molding companies in the country, we continue to produce state-of-the-art plastic parts featuring the latest advances in the industry. Whether you need rapid prototyping services, including 3D computer documentation, short run molds for quick delivery to the market, or stack molding services to establish a high volume plastic manufacturing system, Aline Components can do it. Contact us today to discuss the details of your project.

 Aline Components

At Aline Components, we work with you to determine if insert molding is right for your plastic part or component, and if so, what material is best suited for the application. We take pride in helping our customers obtain the solutions they need for their product or system to perform to the highest level.