Tapping in Plastic Machining from Aline Components Custom Plastic Injection Molding and Manufacturing Company

Aline Components is your start-to-finish plastic injection molding and manufacturing company. By offering comprehensive value-added services we are truly able to say that we can take your concept and make it reality. Tapping is one of our value-added machining techniques that is done in conjunction with drilling to put threads in a pre-drilled hole of your custom plastic injection molded part or component. To ensure that the threads are straight and clean, Aline Components uses special tapping heads - thread-cutting and thread-forming.
Advantages of our Thread-Cutting Screws
  • High tensile values
  • Requires high amount of torque to strip threads
  • Maintains its form under continuous assembly and disassembly cycles
  • Ideal for non-brittle plastics
Advantages of our Thread-Forming Screws
  • Low hoop stress
  • Ideal for brittle plastics

Tapping in Plastic Machining from Aline Components


Both thread-cutting and thread-forming self-tapping screws are used to assemble components, especially in cases where different materials must be joined together to form a complete system. They offer a particular advantage where routine disassembly may be necessary for maintenance or repair. Aline's self-tapping screws are available both in thread-cutting type as well as thread-forming type. Thread-cutting screws physically remove plastic material to form the thread path. Thread-forming screws deform the plastic into which they are driven to produce a permanent thread. To determine which type will work best, our designers base their decision on the material's flexural modulus, a measure of a plastic's stiffness.

Aline Components supplies different types of plastic tapping screws to meet your application needs regardless of industry. Our screws are uniquely designed to tap and fasten securely into plastic materials for long, reliable service life. In applications where vibration resistant assembly is a must, we utilize only the best self-tapping screws available.

At Aline Components, we offer tapping services to customers based nationally and regionally in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, New York, and Maryland. With Aline's comprehensive services and attention to quality at every stage in production, customers receive custom plastic parts or components from a plastic injection molding and manufacturing company they can trust.