Thermoplastic Elastomers at Aline Components Custom Plastic Injection Molding and Manufacturing Company

A leading plastic injection molding and manufacturing company, Aline Components, provides customers from a variety of industries with quality custom parts or components made from top-grade thermoplastic elastomers. When compared to other engineering resins, thermoplastic elastomers can be molded in considerably shorter cycle times for rapid turnarounds. Our thermoplastic polymers are high-performance elastomers that are designed to enhance the performance of a wide spectrum of end products and applications.

Aline Components invests in Santoprene®, which is a thermoplastic elastomer developed by Advanced Elastomer Systems (AES), an affiliate of ExxonMobil Chemical Company. Additionally, we invest in Kraton® thermoplastic elastomers developed by Kraton Polymers. Customers regionally in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland, as well as those based across the United States and around the world are producing more efficient sub-systems and gaining better business benefit with Aline’s thermoplastic elastomer products.

What is Thermoplastic Elastomers?

Thermoplastic elastomers constitute a diverse family of rubber-like materials that, unlike traditionally vulcanized rubbers, can be processed and recycled like most other thermoplastic materials. Thermoplastic elastomers are made through the copolymerization of two or more monomers using either block or graft polymerizing techniques. One of the monomers develops the hard, crystalline segments that function as thermally stable components, while the other monomer develops the soft, amorphous segment that contributes to the rubbery characteristics.

Properties of Thermoplastic Elastomers

By varying the ratio of the monomers and the lengths of the hard and soft segments during formulation, the properties of thermoplastic elastomers can be tailored to adhere to exact specifications and requirements. Kraton® inherent properties provide superior adhesion and tack in adhesive formulations, formulation flexibility, ease of plastic injection molding and manufacturing, and enhanced performance benefits. The unique combination of material properties and processing ease enables Santoprene® thermoplastic elastomers to achieve such critical goals as lower production costs, consistent quality, and improved product performance in many applications.

Advantages of Thermoplastic Elastomers Include:
  • Processing ease and speed
  • Resistance to solvent and abrasion
  • Resistance to weathering
Benefits of Thermoplastic Elastomers

Compared to conventional thermoset materials, thermoplastic elastomers are more easily processed and with shorter cycle times. The unique combination of environmental, fluid, and abrasion resistance provides a thermoplastic elastomer product suitable for countless applications.

At Aline Components custom plastic injection molding and manufacturing company, we create exceptionally high quality thermoplastic elastomer products that are designed to replace thermoset rubber materials in various end products, subsystems, or assemblies. Discover the advantages of Aline’s thermoplastic elastomer products.