Thermoplastic Injection In-Mold Labeling (IML)

As plastic manufacturing develops in sophistication, the ability to integrate product labeling into the component manufacturing process allows for more options and adds value and efficiency to plastic parts. Aline Components is a plastic injection molding company serving those in the Tri-State Area and beyond that brings the latest capabilities to businesses for a wide variety of applications, and in mold labeling technology is another important innovation in the industry.


The in-mold labeling process, or IML, allows plastic injection molding companies to embed cut imprinted plastic films, also known as labels, into the injection mold. Labels are carefully proofed and checked for color and alignment prior to production. Labels are fixed by a vacuum or static electricity, as the molds are rear injected with the thermoplastic. The label is precisely formed as heat and pressure are applied to fuse the label to the plastic component. Either sheet-to-sheet or deep inlay IML dye forming processes are more accurate than previous methods, and also serve to remove the need for additional adhesive and labeling processes. In-mold labeling injection molding provides a better seal between the label and the plastic part, and ISO-certified processes ensure that all in-mold labeling manufacturing is safe for the food, pharmaceuticals, and other sensitive applications. For large production runs, in-mold labeling can increase output when used in combination with stacking moulds.

If you are designing components and wish to consult with an expert plastic injection molding company to integrate product labeling into the production process, Aline Components has the expertise, the technology, and the extensive industry background you need. Aline Components is conveniently located just outside Philadelphia, and clients from Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Delaware and beyond come to us to for innovation, reliable performance, and timely delivery. Whether you are designing parts from scratch and are unfamiliar with the in-mold labeling process, or if you have a set of specialized IML injection molding requirements for large runs of standardized plastic parts, Aline Components is prepared for any challenge and will meet the most exacting specifications for component accuracy and delivery timelines. See what Aline Components can do for you. Contact us today.

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At Aline Components, we work with you to determine if insert molding is right for your plastic part or component, and if so, what material is best suited for the application. We take pride in helping our customers obtain the solutions they need for their product or system to perform to the highest level.