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Thermoplastic Injection Molding Services from Aline Components, Inc.

Aline Components is a pioneer in the custom plastic molding industry, and has been manufacturing custom plastic parts and components since 1965. To keep pace with advancements in the creation of custom plastic molding, Aline Components has automated its processes with state-of-the-art injection molding equipment and technology. The ability to link CAD data directly to injection molding technology has drastically increased efficiency, with a wider range of available materials, performance characteristics, and dimensional precision. Automation allows for runs of nearly any size, from small test runs used in rapid prototyping to large volumes of identical components and tight delivery schedules. Aline Components’ thermoplastic injection molding services include expertise and experience for each phase of the custom plastic molding process.
Injection molding begins with tooling, or the mold making process. The same CAD/CAM processes are used to manufacture the molds for the components prior to a production run. In addition to the available metals commonly used for tooling, hot flash molds can be made from temperature resistant thermoplastics for component runs over a very short time frame. Parallel advancements in thermoplastics allow for the creation of plastic components with a wider range of performance features, from greater strength, corrosion resistance, and dielectric performance. Aline Components begins with the finest and most carefully calibrated thermoplastic raw materials. Modern injection molding equipment automates and regulates the melt process and batch consistency during every phase of the process, ensuring the dimensional and material accuracy for each component. The iterative process of rapid prototyping has become much more feasible with the advent of automation, opening up the opportunity for component designers to test their ideas more frequently and to propose more design alternatives.

Aline Components’ thermoplastic injection molding services can help clients wherever they are in the process. If a new idea for a component is in the initial sketch stages, Aline can take the sketch, develop it into a CAD document, and prepare it for the rapid prototyping process. If a client needs a short run of components in a short time frame, Aline Components will meet the deadline. If a large run of complex and precise components need to be manufactured, Aline works closely with the client to ensure it meets the specification. Discuss your needs for thermoplastic injection molding services and custom plastic molding with Aline Components today.

Aline's Design Considerations for Custom Plastic Injection Molding

To minimize sinking, warping, residual stresses, and improve mold fill and cycle time, we use uniform wall thickness.

To achieve a minimum of one material thickness at the inside corner radius, we allow a generous radius at all corners.

To ensure rapid cooling, short cycles times, and minimum shot weight, we utilize the least thickness compliant with the process, thermoplastic material, or product design requirements.

To facilitate easy withdrawal from the mold, we design parts that feature a draft (taper) in the direction of mold opening or closing.

To improve part stiffness in bending, we use ribs or gussets.

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