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Advanced Rapid Tooling and Plastic Mold Making for Precision Parts

State-of-the-art plastic manufacturing involves a process that adds up to more than the sum of its parts. Aline Components offers a fully integrated, cost-effective solution, with the capability to create tooling, dies, and molds for plastic manufacturing. A refined and streamlined process allows Aline Components to perform both rapid tooling and other types of plastic mold making, with value added services such as hot foil stamping for branding and part identification programs, and reliable mold maintenance for multiple part runs.

As an experienced service provider, Aline Components is prepared to take on any challenge. Using the most sophisticated machining equipment, highly trained toolmakers provide rapid tooling services for fast turnarounds and competitive pricing. While the terms tooling and molds are used interchangeably, tooling usually refers to more robust, longer lasting molds designed for multiple production runs. A manufacturer may choose to employ rapid tooling for faster turnarounds or, if multiple runs of components over a longer schedule are required, may prefer robust materials and methods for plastic mold making with longer life cycles. Aline Components can provide tooling using a variety of materials depending on the production specification.

Aline’s mold maintenance services allow manufacturers to archive their molds for multiple production runs. By keeping the plastic molds with Aline Components, it speeds up the process for return business and allows the process to be streamlined for even greater production efficiency.

The ability to add different types of molding processes, such as insert molding and overmolding, allows Aline Components to provide plastic parts with the most advanced features. Hot foil stamping is another feature Aline Components can offer for both design and inventory control. By introducing 2D foil elements directly after the injection molding process, hot foil stamping embeds the foil onto the plastic surface before cooling, making for a highly secure bond without the use of adhesives.

Whatever the scope of your needs for tooling, dies, and molds for plastic manufacturing, Aline Components has the experience and the technology to make your project a success. Contact Aline Components today.

Tooling, Dies and Mold for Plastic Manufacturing


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Rely on Aline Components today for the highest qualities in tooling, dies, and molds. We adapt to your needs to provide plastic parts at a low cost and delivers to customers across international borders. Trust Aline’s plastic manufacturing process for exacting specifications and rapid shipment.