Dies & Molds


Tooling, Dies, and Mold for Plastic Manufacturing

Aline Components fully integrates rapid tooling, plastic mold making, hot foil stamping, and mold maintenance with precision design and production services. The integration has allowed us to streamline the plastic manufacturing process for optimum production speeds. Aline plastic manufacturing uses a refined and efficient process to produce exact specifications in custom plastic parts at speeds that meet customer deadlines and exceed customer expectations.

Rapid Tooling in Plastic Mold Making
Aline Components employs sophisticated machining equipment and experienced toolmakers to provide the necessary speed for fast turnaround and competitive pricing in plastic part production. Rapid tooling helps Aline offer speed in plastic injection molding to meet tight schedules. In plastic manufacturing, the terms tooling and molds can be used interchangeably. Tools however are constructed of different materials than molds and have a longer life cycle in the production of plastic parts or prototype parts.

Prototype tooling components usually consist of nonpermanent materials and are used to construct a specific number of parts for testing the engineering and manufacturing processes. Plastic manufacturing also uses other types of tooling such as stamping, extruding, and die-casting when necessary.

Tooling, Dies and Mold for Plastic Manufacturing


Hot Foil Stamping Die

As part of the plastic manufacturing process, Aline Components offers superior hot foil stamping for permanent plastic part identification and marking. Our hot foil stamping presses a heated metal die to a colored foil then to a plastic part. The raised surface of the die touches the foil and the plastic part and permanently transfers a foil graphic to the plastic part.

Custom designs and logos can be made to exact customer specifications. Aline Components offers a wide range of metallic dies. We use optimal heat treating and nickel plating to ensure minimal wear with continual plastic part usage. The hot foil stamping markers are engraved with lead-in and lead-out lines for a seamless transition on and off the foil.

Mold Maintenance in Plastic Part Manufacturing

Aline Components maintains a detailed mold history file for every customer’s mold then archives the file for retrieval in the future. Our experienced mold makers use the latest software programs to track every mold that runs through Aline’s production process. The advanced software verifies all costs, including internal and external expenses, as well as the dates of any work done on or with that mold. At Aline Components, we know what it takes to maintain plastic molds for long life cycles.

Aline Components

Rely on Aline Components today for the highest qualities in tooling, dies, and molds. We adapt to your needs to provide plastic parts at a low cost and delivers to customers across international borders. Trust Aline’s plastic manufacturing process for exacting specifications and rapid shipment.