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Two-Shot Molds from Aline Components Thermoplastic Injection Molding Services

Benefit from new technology with two-shot molds from Aline Components, Inc., a leading plastic injection molding manufacturer located in Pennsylvania. As an international supplier it is important that we stay up-to-date on all advancements in the thermoplastic injection molding industry. For this reason, we have invested in rapidly-growing two-shot molding technology. At Aline we stay current on new computer programs, advanced materials, and any other innovative developments that promote the growth of the two-shot process.

Two-shot molding is one of many variations of multi-component thermoplastic injection molding. A cost-effective method, two-shot molds produce custom plastic parts and components with two or more colors or material combinations simultaneously. First, one color or material is injected into the mold and allowed to cool. Then, a second color or material is injected around or over the first. This process may be continued for parts that require more than two colors or material combinations.

Advantages of Aline's Two-shot Molds:
  • Improves quality
  • Increases product features
  • Reduces setup time, labor costs, and cost per part
  • Produces multi-colored or multi-resin parts
  • Produces parts with moveable components
  • Eliminates most post-molding operations
Applications of Aline's Two-Shot Molds

Many designers and engineers are continuously developing new uses for custom plastic parts or components produced via two-shot or multiple-component molds. Some examples of these products include, multi-color parts, flexible hinges, parts with molded-in seals, parts with shock-absorbing, acoustic dampening, or soft grip features, and toys with moveable parts.

Hard and soft thermoplastic material combinations are commonly used in applications such as conveyor chain links, control elements for venting, levers, radio, or lights, clips with a gasket or damping element, a thermos mechanism, a lamp socket for a washing machine, and much more. With Aline the possibilities are endless.

By eliminating secondary processes for logos, graphics, or text, two-shot molds are replacing older, more time-consuming multi-step plastic manufacturing systems. Aline’s experience in two-shot molding technology allows us to provide customers with design recommendations, possible material combinations, tool and machine recommendations, as well as a host of other useful thermoplastic injection molding processing parameters.

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