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Unscrewing Molds from Aline Components Thermoplastic Injection Molding Services

Pennsylvania’s principal thermoplastic injection molding manufacturer, Aline Components, Inc., creates internal and external threads in custom plastic parts or components during plastic injection molding process via unscrewing molds. The result: secondary, thread-cutting operations are avoided and cost-per-part and time-in-production are reduced.

At Aline, we offer tapping as part of our value-added services, however, injection molded threads tend to be stronger than tapped threads. For tighter tolerances and smoother, denser molded coatings than those produced by thread-cutting operations, rely on unscrewing mold designs from Aline Components.

Today, many custom plastic parts or components have detailed threads, which make ejecting the mold using knock-off methods virtually impossible. To avoid thread damage, such parts must be unscrewed from the mold. External threads can be centered on the mold parting line or molded in both mold halves. However, because mold halves tend to involved, external threads are prone to parting-line flash or mismatch and require slides or side actions. Internal threads can be on collapsible cores or in unscrewing molds.

Advantages of Aline's Hot Runner Molds:
  • Hydraulic, mechanical, or electrical driven designs
  • Multiple bearing sets
  • Leak-free seal housing ensures long-term performance
  • Integral gear core design

Unscrewing Molds from Aline Components


Applications of Aline's Unscrewing Molds

Our unscrewing mold designs can be used to manufacture a wide range of custom plastic parts or components including, nuts and bolts, sprinkler heads, bottle caps and closures, personal care and cosmetics, automotive parts, and a host of other medical, pharmaceutical, or consumer goods.

For a cost-effective thermoplastic injection molding process, it is critical that molds move at high speeds to clear molded parts quickly and move on to the next cycle immediately.

To increase the productivity of our thermoplastic injection molding company and maximize the performance of unscrewing molds, Aline has developed techniques such as utilizing bearing support cores, robust carriage assemblies, and integral gear/core designs.

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