Value-Added Processes from Aline Components, a Custom Plastic Injection Molding and Manufacturing Company

A leading plastic injection molding and manufacturing company, Aline Components excels at working directly with customers to design and supply innovative custom solutions that meet unique product needs and application requirements. By employing some of the most talented engineers and technicians in the industry, we are capable of offering value-added services from modest operations like hot stamping to sophisticated processes such as insert molding. With our value-added processes your custom plastic part or component is ready to be integrated into the final assembly upon delivery.
Types of Aline's Value-Added Services

Generally, there are two main types of value-added services, those that stand-alone from an operational perspective and those that do not stand-alone. Insert molding is an example of our stand-alone value-added services. It does not need to be coupled with other services, but it can be if requested. Hot stamping, machiningdrilling, and tapping are all examples of our value-added services that do not stand-alone. These services enhance or add value to plastic injection molding and manufacturing services.

Characteristics of Aline's Value-Added Process:
  • Not a basic service but done rather to enhance or add value
  • Stimulates incremental demand for core plastic injection molding services
  • Some services stand alone, while others do not
  • Doesn't decrease the demand for injection molding unless insert molding is clearly favorable
  • Can be an add-on to basic service and, as such, may be offered at a cost-effective price
Value Added Processes

 Aline Components

At Aline Components, our value-added services have a certain time dimension associated with them. Today, a value-added service becomes a basic service when it becomes sufficiently commonplace and widely deployed. When these services no longer provide substantive differentiation on a relative basis, we offer them as standard services and explore new alternatives to enhance and add value. As a cutting-edge plastic injection molding and manufacturing company, we are always searching for the latest advancements to create products with higher quality, greater reliability, and better efficiency.